World Standards Day 2016


Observed globally on October 14. The holiday honors the creation and acknowledgement of standards and standards development organizations. The goal is raise awareness for the importance of standardization.

On this day in 1946, delegates from 25 nations gathered to create a global organization focused on creating and managing standards on a global scale.


The aviation industry is global. Regulators, suppliers, and technicians are all connected throughout a vast network. Imagine how difficult it would be for all of these people to work together if aviation standards didn’t exist.

ASA-100 AccreditedWorldStandardsDayASA – 100 is a perfect example of the need for aviation standards. ASA – 100 focuses on competence, impartiality, and reliability. The standard enables distributors the structure to pursue accreditation. Many of the items contained in the standard refer to creating and maintaining standard, documented procedures. These procedures ensure that aircraft parts are protected from damage.

Standards, such as ASA – 100, give the industry a documented framework to ensure quality and safety. Without a documented standard, this would be impossible to maintain. World-wide, all suppliers must meet the exact same standard to obtain accreditation.

World Standards Day recognizes the people and organizations that have worked to make these standards possible.

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