Why Use an ISO 17025 Accredited Northeast Ohio Calibration Lab?

ISO 17025 accredited Northeast Ohio calibration lab

Test and measurement equipment are important to any manufacturing organization. These instruments have an impact on product quality, process flow, and safety. To make sure that test equipment is performing accurately, many quality guidelines require regular calibration. Regulating organizations, such as ISO, or internal quality documents may require testing to be completed by an accredited lab. This leads many organizations to choose an ISO 17025 accredited Northeast Ohio calibration lab to perform measurement equipment calibration.

Local Service

Northeast Ohio manufacturers can greatly benefit by using an ISO 17025 accredited Northeast Ohio calibration lab. Local calibration service tends to have the best turnaround time. This is due to decreased shipping distance or local pickup and delivery. Onsite calibration services are also significantly cheaper due to lower travel costs.

Confidence in Quality

ISO 17025 accredited calibration laboratories must meet many requirements to achieve accreditation. During this process, the laboratory must provide documentation of internal quality processes. The documentation is most often referred to as the Quality Manual. Testing methods may require laboratory features such as temperature and humidity controlled testing areas. An ISO auditor will come to the laboratory to review documentation, determine process control, and verify that technicians perform testing according to documentation guidelines.

Why ISO 17025 Accreditation Matters

The reason that manufacturers prefer to work with an ISO 17025 accredited Northeast Ohio calibration lab is because quality has been demonstrated. The accreditation communicates that the processes, environment, and technician expertise of the lab meets multiple guidelines that were created to ensure quality. Manufacturers feel that ISO 17025 accreditation is like a vetting process for a calibration lab. They feel confident that the calibration laboratory is performing testing the correct way.

e2b calibration is an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited Northeast Ohio calibration and repair laboratory. We can offer pickup and delivery to manufacturers in surrounding areas, such as Mentor, Solon, Aurora, and Perry to name a few. Contact us with any questions.


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