pressure gauge calibration

Properly calibrated measuring instruments are important to quality manufacturing operations. Pressure gauges are one of the most commonly used instruments in manufacturing applications. These gauges are relied on to provide accurate readings. The readings can indicate potential issues with different processing or packaging machinery. The best way to ensure reading reliability is by observing regular pressure gauge calibration intervals.

Pressure Calibration Measurement

Gauges that indicate or control pressure rely on a specific type of measurement. Pressure is determined by dividing the amount of force perpendicular to a surface area by effected surface area. The SI system unit of measurement for force is a Pascal. One pascal is equivalent to the force of one newton per one square meter area.

Pressure Gauge Application

Since pressure gauges are used in a variety of settings, it is important to record how each instrument is used in your process. Documentation of the application and medium of each pressure gauge is often part of internal quality systems. Issues can arise when gauges are swapped or replaced without knowledge of previous usage. A pressure gauge that was used for oil may contaminate downstream equipment when used in another application. The application and medium are important to communicate when you are scheduling pressure gauge calibration.

Pressure Gauge Calibration

The first step of pressure gauge calibration testing is cleaning the gauge. This is done to prevent contamination. Contamination can be caused by dirt or differing mediums. The technician will review the application of the pressure gauge. Most organizations will label pressure gauges accordingly, such as “Oil Only”. The technician will check for any leaks. Adjustments and minor repairs may be performed during testing, if needed. Results are recorded and given back to the customer when service is complete. e2b calibration can perform pressure gauge calibration testing onsite or at our laboratory.Contact the team at e2b calibration for a quote HERE or via email at [email protected]