Storage Tips for Brooks 5850E Mass Flow Controller Maintenance

Brooks 5850E mass flow controller

Mass flow controllers require proper storage techniques to prevent damage and ensure reading accuracy. Careful storage is a large part of Brooks 5850E mass flow controller maintenance. Maintenance personnel or technicians may be unsure of how to store the Brooks 5850E mass flow controller. This can be confusing because mass flow controllers are often installed in or hooked up to other equipment.

Storage Procedure

The mass flow controller is shipped in protective packaging from the manufacturer. Make sure that the packaging and container are saved for later storage. The container was designed to protect the equipment from damage. The manufacturer recommends that the Brooks 5850E mass flow controller is stored in an area that is not subject to extreme temperatures or humidity. If the storage area is cooler than 45°F or warmer than 90°F, find another area to store the mass flow controller. Avoid any storage location that exceeds 60% humidity. Items stored in adverse conditions may require replacement of soft parts at a shorter interval.

Extended Storage Considerations

If a mass flow controller is in a machine that will be down or out of service for a period of 30 days or more, the unit should be removed and put into storage. Maintenance personnel or technicians should note any mass flow controllers that were removed and put in storage in the maintenance log and documentation for the piece of equipment. The removal/storage date should be noted. Make sure that stored equipment does not miss the calibration due date.

After a storage period of nine months, the Brooks 5850E mass flow controller maintenance check should be performed. Any pressure boundary seals on the unit will require replacement. A pneumatic pressure test should be performed. During the test, the Brooks 5850E mass flow controller is subjected to pressure beyond the limit (normally at 110%). The process ensures that the unit can operate safely at the maximum pressure.

If you have any questions about Brooks 5850E mass flow controller calibration or maintenance, contact e2b calibration.