Squirrel OQ610 Series Data Logger Calibration

squirrel oq610 series data logger calibration

The Squirrel OQ610 data logger can rack up many hours of use for research & development or continuous temperature reading. To ensure a quality product or to verify the accuracy of processes, the validity of the equipment should be checked. The Squirrel OQ610 Series Data Logger calibration cycle is typically annual.

Why Calibrate?

The data logger needs to be calibrated to ensure that measurements are accurate and within tolerance. The Squirrel OQ610 has a tolerance of ± 0.5°C when measuring temperatures between -50°C to 500°C. The tolerance increases to ± 1.0°C when used from -200°C to 1300°C. The calibration process for the data logger verifies that the temperatures being logged are accurate within tolerance.

Squirrel OQ610 Calibration Interval

The average cycle for this type of equipment is once per year, but calibration may need occur more frequently based on certain scenarios. Any damage sustained to the unit may effect measurement validity. Whether you repair in-house, a repair laboratory, or through the manufacturer (the Squirrel OQ610 has a 3 year warranty), the unit should be checked for accuracy before put into use.

Software issues generally should not cause inaccurate calibration readings. If a data logging unit is having software malfunctions, contact the manufacturer.