On-Site Calibration Services

Fisherbrand Elite pipette calibration

On-Site Calibrations or field calibrations are a very popular option for many companies to perform their required calibrations by having trained technicians from a calibration laboratory come to their facility instead of shipping the items to the calibration laboratory’s premises.

There are several reasons why a company would want calibrations to be performed at the company’s facilities instead of the calibration laboratory’s location.

In all of these cases, calibration at the equipment’s location is the best option.

On-site calibrations can be performed at the customer location in areas provided by the customer or in climate-controlled, mobile calibration laboratories that are equipped with a variety of calibration standards to calibrate many different calibration disciplines.

Whether the mobile laboratory or the customer site is used, the calibration processes and documentation are directly supported by the calibration laboratory performing the calibrations and are subject to the same quality and accreditation requirements as performed in the main calibration laboratory’s facility. However, the estimation of measurement uncertainty listed in the laboratory’s scope may need to be recalculated depending on the conditions encountered at the customer location and the equipment used at the calibration site.

Benefits of On-Site Calibrations

There are many benefits and advantages to using on-site calibration services. Some of these are:

Reduction in Equipment and Production Downtime – As the equipment is calibrated at the customer location, the equipment could be back to being used in production within hours instead of waiting several days for the item to be shipped to and from the calibration laboratory. The location of the instruments and when they will be returned will always be known. Interruptions to the production processes are minimized and back-up equipment will not need to be purchased to continue operations.

Eliminate Shipping Costs and Delays – One of the biggest advantages to using on-site calibration services is the equipment does not need to be shipped. There could be significant cost savings if a large number of items require calibration in a facility and the risk of possible damage due to mishandling during shipping is avoided.

Flexible Scheduling – On-Site calibrations provide the flexibility of scheduling the bulk of your calibration services at once or on a regular basis throughout the year. There could be a cost-benefit of scheduling multiple on-site calibrations for all your equipment that requires regular maintenance.

Environmental Conditions – Some pieces of equipment have established temperature coefficients and the measurement value may change if operated in different environmental conditions. On-site calibrations provide calibration of the equipment in the environmental conditions where they are normally used.

Knowledgeable Technicians On-Site – The experienced technicians are usually able to make adjustments or perform repairs of the equipment on the spot and they are able to provide equipment support for operational or process issues related to the equipment use.

Instant Documentation – Calibration Certificates can be provided for each instrument before the technician leaves the facility, so there is no waiting for the required documentation. The certificates will contain the exact environmental conditions during the calibration and include any items specifically required by the customer, including listing “As Found” and “As Left” measurement results and measurement uncertainties.

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