Sierra Instruments 82 series flow meter troubleshooting

The Sierra Instruments 82 series flow meter is a popular option for gas flow measurement. Due to environmental factors, technicians may encounter problems with flow meters from time to time. Sierra Instruments 82 series flow meter troubleshooting can help technicians to diagnose issues before replacement or sending for repair. Use the tips below to diagnose common flow meter problems.

Applicable Range

Does the flow meter range fit the application? Sometimes a flow meter can be installed that doesn’t meet the requirements of the application. In many manufacturing organizations, flow meters may be stored without accompanying documentation. A broken meter may be swapped with the wrong type of flow meter.

Proximity to Extreme Temperature Changes

Flow meters are sensitive instruments, intricate parts and measurements are impacted by sudden temperature changes. Note the surrounding environment of the flow meter. Is it subject to any drafts? Located next to heat emitting machinery? Installed close to external dock doors? Keep in mind that all of these may cause flow meter issues as Sierra Instruments 82 series flow meter troubleshooting is performed.

O-ring Material Compatibility with Media

The material the flow meter o-rings are made of may only be suitable to specific applications. Make sure that the o-rings that are installed are appropriate for the gas type that will be used in the flow meter installation. Some gases may be harmful to the o-rings, casuing them to break down. Replace if necessary. Consider storing appropriate o-rings in the same area as the flow meters or noting the correct o-ring in the flow meter preventative maintenance schedule.


Does the flow meter come into contact with particulate matter or another form of contamination? If this is the case, the flow meter will need to be cleaned before it can return to accurate working condition. If possible, install an inline filter to prevent contamination. Note if the filter can be cleaned or needs to be replaced in flow meter maintenance records.Get the complete Flow Meter Care & Selection Guide