Sierra Instruments 82 series flow meter calibration

To ensure that instruments stay in good condition, technicians and managers practice routine preventative maintenance and have flow meters routinely calibrated. We have found that many people don’t know what steps to take for preventative maintenance or when flow meter calibration should be scheduled. Here, we answer frequently asked question about Sierra Instruments flow meters.

What is the Recommended Sierra Instruments 82 series Flow Meter Preventative Maintenance Schedule?

The preventative maintenance schedule is pretty straightforward for the Sierra 82 series flow meter. To keep the flow path clear of any particles or contamination, it should be cleaned. Many perform the cleaning biannually or annually.

Do I Need to Use a Filter with the 82 Series?

If a filter can be used in the application, it is recommended. The best filter location is ahead of the gas stream in the line. A filter will remove debris that is in the line. Inspect the filter regularly. Most technicians opt for disposable filters, but reusable filters can also be used for this purpose. Reusable filters will require ultrasonic cleaning.

What is the Sierra Instruments 82 Series Flow Meter Calibration Interval?

Annual calibration is recommended by the manufacturer. The yearly calibration interval works for most of our calibration customers at e2b. If the flow meter begins failing testing, organizations may opt to shorten the interval.

When Do I Need to Calibrate a Sierra 82 Series Flow Meter?

A flow meter should be tested at the specified interval, for many Sierra Instruments 82 series meters this occurs annually. The flow meter may require unplanned calibration and testing if it has sustained damage, undergone extensive repairs, or produces inaccurate measurements.

Hopefully the Sierra Instruments 82 series flow meter calibration FAQ above can help with upcoming preventative maintenance planning. If you have any other flow meter calibration questions, contact us.Contact the team at e2b calibration for a quote HERE or via email at [email protected]