calibration service

Shortridge Instruments is the manufacturer of AirData Multimeters , HydroData Multimeters, as well as Flowhoods and Velgrids. Shortridge Instruments Calibration is available from the manufacturer, but many find that using an outside calibration lab is more suitable to their needs. Why? There are a number of reasons some choose to have their calibration services done by a laboratory outside that of the manufacturer.

The following are the most compelling reasons to consider getting Shortridge instrument calibration done in an accredited calibration lab.


Many times you will find that using an outside calibration service is a much more affordable alternative than the manufacturer.


Working with a large manufacturer for your calibration and repair needs can lead to longer wait times for your job to be complete. Many manufacturers have slow turnaround times due to the sheer number of customers and jobs in line ahead of you.


Not all manufacturers can provide certified calibration. This is a topic for another blog, but manufacturers often times build the parts to fulfill certain requirements and certifications, but they cannot provide services and repairs to back those certifications up. Be always be certain before you send your tools in for calibration that the service provider, be it the manufacturer or an outside party, can provide you with the documentation you need.


Much like the certification we touched on above, not every manufacturer is equipped to provide accredited calibration work. Accredited calibration is required for many industries and applications but it doesn’t hurt to go with an accredited lab even if it is not required of you. Accredited labs go through extremely thorough annual audits and have the expertise, equipments, and competence to provide the best service for you, something your customers will appreciate and a source of competitive advantage for your company.


Not every manufacturer can offer you NIST traceability either. NIST calibration services are the highest quality services available- but having NIST calibrate your equipment can be extremely expensive and take a long time. So working with a calibration lab that can provide NIST traceability is your best bet. You can receive NIST calibration services through certified calibration labs who offer services traceable to NIST; meaning that these labs follow strict procedure to measure up with NIST standards. NIST calibration services will ensure that your instruments are operating at their maximum level of precision, accuracy, and repeatability.

What factors should you be considering when looking for a calibration lab?
Use our checklist to guide you.