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Shadow Board Design Process

e2b Calibration currently has the capabilities to produce many types of custom Shadow Boards for your organization. We can produce identical Shadow Boards for production lines or unique Shadow Boards for special workplace situations or individual employee tool drawers.

Shadow Boards can be made from several different types of extremely durable foam materials and we can assist you to choose the correct materials for your application. Most Shadow Boards can last for over 10 years depending on use.

The design of a Shadow Board is a simple 2-step process. First, the tools or items are laid out in the proper arrangement and an image is taken of the layout.
e2b Calibration can provide guidance on how to layout the items in the best manner to be efficient and functional.

The image is then loaded into special design software. Within the software, e2b Calibration can customize each Shadow Board by changing sizes, adding color-coding, custom logos or text for tool identification.

5S and Lean Manufacturing


out the items that are required in a workstation and removing the items that are no longer needed.


and organizing the items so that the workflow is efficient.


and keeping the workstation clean to easily identify problems or missing items.


the workstation by using colors or other labeling to provide consistency throughout all areas.


the workstation by the development of procedures and actions that maintain the organization of the workstation over the long term.

Using Shadow Boards for 5S

Waste refers to all actions and resources that aren’t value-added or required. Shadow boards are a good way to align lean manufacturing goals by eliminating waste.

Benefits of Shadow Boards

Saving Time

Shadow Boards are an excellent way of keeping workstations or tool boxes organized and tidy. Having a specific location for an item will make the item easier to find when it is needed and also make it easy to identify if the item is misplaced or missing. A Shadow Board can help to organize a work area and free up workspace that can be utilized more efficiently.

Saving Costs

Organized workplaces lead to higher productivity and efficiency and can optimize the work processes by reducing wasted movements that are unnecessary and that provide no added value. Clean and organized workplaces have been shown to increase employee morale and reduce workplace accidents