How to Prevent FOD with Aviation Tooling Management Software

aviation tooling management software

Foreign objects inside an aircraft are any loose items that can cause damage or injury. Common foreign objects that are found in aircraft are debris, forgotten tools, or loose nuts and bolts. These items can interfere with aircraft operating systems or damage landing gear. Visually checking to make sure that no maintenance and repair tooling was left behind can be very time-consuming, and may not detect smaller equipment. Aviation tooling management software can help by ensuring that all equipment, no matter the size, is accounted for at the end of a job or shift.

How it Works

The software works by tracking the location of each piece of tooling or equipment that is used on a job. At the beginning of work, tooling is “checked-out” to a specific work order or aircraft tail number. This can be done by using bar codes or RFID tags. When the work is completed, for the day or the end of the work order, the tooling is “checked-in” or received by the software.


If any items are missing, an alert is created. The alert specifies the exact tooling that is missing, the work order associated, and the technician that was using the tool. The alert system enables technicians to collect all tooling before leaving the site or marking a work order as complete. The alert ceases once any missing items are returned.

MRO’s and FBO’s that use aviation tooling management software feel more confident about FOD prevention. The automated process takes the guesswork out of prevention. Tooling is never left behind due to the alert system. If you have any questions or are interested in aviation tooling management software, contact e2b calibration.