Stopwatches and Timers

Stopwatches and timers are instruments used to measure the time elapsed between two events. As opposed to the conventional clock, which displays the current time in hours, minutes, and seconds from an absolute starting point (often from the beginning of a day), stopwatches and timers simply measure and display the time elapsed from a relative […]

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Relay Test Set Calibration

A relay is simply an electrical switch but instead of being operated by someone to turn it on or off, it is operated by another electrical circuit. So, essentially a relay is an electrically operated switch. We typically see a relay is used when we need to control a switch that has high voltage or […]

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High Current Test Sets

Testing and calibration of solid-state trip devices can be performed by either primary or secondary current injection method.  Current injection testing is generally required and performed in electrical substations and high power distribution systems which have a high working current and voltage. By injecting a known value current into the circuit breaker, it is possible […]

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