Care and Storage of Measurement Instruments

Even if you have the best measuring instruments it would be next to useless if you cannot rely on them to give accurate results. A key element is to take care of the instruments although they are quite rugged, they need careful handling. If you maintain a high level of reliability and accuracy of your […]

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Impact of Temperature on Steel Measurement Instruments

Thickness steel gauges are measuring instruments that are used to determine the thickness or gage of an object. There are several different types of thickness gages, each that function in a slightly different manner depending on the intended application for the gage. We know that changes occur in material things as temperatures vary. It is […]

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Voltage Detectors

Voltage detectors are small portable devices to provide you a quick and inexpensive way to test if there is live voltage on circuits, wires, cables, switches, and outlets before you want to work on them. These devices are also called by various names such as voltage wands or power pens. They are small enough so […]

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