Pin Gage Calibration & Maintenance Tips

pin gage calibration

Pin gages are an essential tool for ensuring uniformity across fabricated and manufactured parts and verifying the accuracy of measurement instruments. The gages are used to check the internal diameter of drilled holes or grooves on a pass/fail basis. Even though accuracy is determined during pin gage calibration, accidental damage or misuse can cause unreliable results. Practice regular pin gage maintenance to ensure longevity and accuracy of results.

Accurate Pin Gage Usage

Whether a pin is verifying the minimum or maximum limit, force should not be applied. The minimum or “Go” pin is used for the lower limit of the hole. It should be able to easily fit into the hole. The maximum or “No Go” pin is used for the upper limit, it should not fit under slight pressure.

Routine Maintenance

There are multiple things to watch for to ensure accurate readings. There should be no dirt or debris in the hole or on the pin. Dirt or oil can cause corrosion, changing the size (and accuracy) of the pin gage. If this happens, use mild solvent and a soft cloth to remove contaminants. This should be done before and after each use.

Pin Gage Storage

Heat and moisture can affect pin gages over time. They should be stored in a cool, dry location. The best option is to use a storage container that holds each gage in a separate place, this prevents the pin gages causing damage to each other.

Pin Gage Calibration

The majority of manufacturers recommend yearly pin gage calibration intervals. An organization should adjust intervals based on application, frequency of use, and likelihood of damage sustainment. Pin gages that are used as standards are often calibrated at shorter intervals. If pin gauges regularly are out of calibration when sent for service, most laboratories will recommend decreasing intervals.

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