Optical Comparators

Optical Comparators

An optical comparator is a delicate measuring device which uses its own light source, multiple mirrors and lenses to project a magnified silhouette of an object under observation on its screen. There are three different measurement techniques:

  • One is by placing instrument on silhouette of an object
  • The second is by measuring the various points of silhouette against the centerline of screen while moving the stage
  • The third method utilizes latest technology and computer software to calculate detailed dimensions and measurements of an object in all three axes.

It is very versatile device in manufacturing of small parts which require high level of accuracy and precision. Comparators are handy in the watch making industry, aerospace, defense, automobile industry and aircraft manufacturing industry. They come in handy during quality inspection of manufactured parts.


Why calibration of comparators is important?

Comparators provide precise measurements and accurate readings about the profile of the object under observation and a small misreading can cause delays, rework, machine failure and even damage to your brand. So it is vital to calibrate your comparator correctly and up to the technical standards of the manufacturer and regulatory bodies.


How calibration is performed?

Our optical comparator calibration includes, table squareness to optical axis, focus squareness to optical axis, micrometer accuracy, if equipped, perpendicularity of x to y axis, edge detection accuracy to centerline (OGP machines), magnification and distortion accuracy for all lenses equipped with machine, chart angular rotation in 90° increments, chart centerline in 180° increments and x and y axis lead accuracy – every inch for the length of travel.


What we can provide you?

At e2b calibration we provide you testing and inspections of your device by our knowledgeable and trained technicians. Our staff can visit your site and can provide services giving you complete peace of mind so that you can provide quality measurements to your valued customers.

We provide you a five to seven-day turn-around on most items and pickup services on call. ANAB Accreditation audits include full assessment to ISO-17025: 2017 and ANSI/NCSL Z-540-1-1994, standards traceable to NIST, equivalent national or international sources, or physical constants, along with a Test Uncertainty Ratio (TUR) of 4:1 or better in typical conditions.

We also provide you a record of the history of each calibration standard, Calibration tolerances based on manufacturer’s specifications or your requirements, labeling and sealing of calibrated items where necessary. We have our own dedicated quality assurance system which ensures that the gauges and equipment we use on your device are appropriately standardized and our staff goes through periodic continuation training and assessment.


Save time and money

We are an ISO/IEC 17025 ACCREDITED calibration laboratory offering on-site inspection and calibration, which saves money and the unnecessary hassle of transportation, which can damage your equipment during handling. We also provide you pick up and drop off on call if on-site calibration isn’t available, plus our asset management portal provides you online access to all calibration certificates.  Reach out to us directly at e2b calibration.


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