Ohio Aviation Association

Ohio Aviation Association

The Ohio Aviation Association (OAA) is committed to Ohio airport safety and development. The nonprofit organization provides a forum for airport management personnel to discuss ideas, lessons learned, and plan methods to educate the public about aviation. Organization members actively work together to serve their communities and foster aviation progress. Fixed base operators (FBOs), pilots, airport planners, aviation engineers, and more are all a part of the Ohio Aviation Association.

“The Ohio Aviation Association promotes aviation by advocating on behalf of airports in Ohio, communicating the economic benefits of Ohio airports and the aviation industry, as well as educating and engaging its members and the public.” – Ohio Aviation Association Mission Statement

OAA Facts

Brief History of OAA

The OAA was founded in 1965, then it was called the Ohio Airport Managers Association. Ohio is the location of the first US airport after all. In 2005, the OAA met with the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) to talk about a proposed excise tax on aviation gas and jet fuel. During the 2011 awards, the OAA presented John Bosch the Lifetime Achievement Award. John Bosch was selected for his leadership in multiple aviation organizations, building partnerships between nonprofit organizations and aviation businesses, and his work on the Dayton International Airport.

Paul Strack was appointed to vice president on the Ohio Aviation Association Board in April 2012. Paul had been an association member for eight years, and came from an aviation engineering and planning background at Michael Baker Corporation. In October 2015, the OAA proposed a solution to fix the aviation infrastructure in Ohio. The plan recommended shifting to a new eighteen cent per gallon excise tax on aviation fuel versus the Ohio state sales tax. The tax was projected to add over $10 million per fiscal year to an aviation investment fund.

OAA Today

The OAA Annual Conference took place April 18th and 19th in Columbus, Ohio. The conference is scheduled each spring. The event is interactive and provides actionable knowledge that attendees can use in their professions. The Ohio Aviation Association maintains an advocacy center to lead legislators towards the safety and advancement of the Ohio airport system.

For more information about the OAA, visit: http://www.ohioaviation.org/