How Often Should I Calibrate a Dickson TP 125 Data Logger?

calibrate a Dickson TP 125 data logger

Organizations that are focused on quality, whether as part of an internal 5S system or as a requirement of an ISO 9001 certification, need to meet calibration due dates. While many instruments have a fixed interval, many data loggers have a range. This leaves many quality managers and technicians unsure of when they should calibrate a Dickson TP 125 data logger?

Why Calibrate?

The reason that an owner should calibrate a Dickson TP 125 data logger is to ensure that readings are within tolerance. The reading accuracy for the Dickson TP125 data logger temperature uncertainty is ±0.8°F when measuring 20°F – 120°F. Humidity readings have an uncertainty of ±2% RH non-condensing. During testing, a calibration technician will determine if reading accuracy meets uncertainty tolerances. If a unit is recording inaccurate measurements, the owner has the option to repair or replace.

Calibration Interval

Manufacturer recommendations list that the Dickson TP 125 data logger calibration interval is 6 – 12 months. Organizations often split the difference and choose a 9 month calibration cycle. If the owner has many data logger units, they are normally sent for calibration in batches. Negative test results may indicate that the calibration interval should be decreased.

Special Considerations

A certificate of calibration should be included with any new Dickson TP 125 data logger purchases. When purchasing a used piece of equipment, ask that the most recent certificate of calibration is included. Not only does this prove the validity of measurements provided by the data logger, it helps for planning the next calibration due date.

Quality managers may need to calibrate a Dickson TP 125 data logger outside of the calibration interval if any damage is incurred. The device is taken out of circulation until it is checked for calibration accuracy. If the data logger is frequently used or stored in humid environments, the data accuracy may be effected. Many technicians have noted that these conditions can cause inaccuracies. If the Dickson TP 125 data logger is used in these conditions, it may require more frequent calibration.

Determining Dickson TP 125 Data Logger Calibration Intervals

Tolerances that are this precise must be checked for validity. The manufacturer recommends that the Dickson TP 125 data logger calibration interval stay between 6 – 12 months. The manufacturer notes that equipment that is used infrequently, handled gently, and has little to no exposure to high humidity can maintain an annual calibration interval. If the device is used often, exposed to harsh environments, or doesn’t have adequate storage, a 6 month calibration interval is recommended.

If you have questions about Dickson TP 125 data logger calibration and maintenance, or would like a quote, contact e2b calibration.