e2b Northeast Ohio Calibration Lab Expansion

Northeast Ohio calibration lab e2b cal

e2b calibration is beginning construction on an addition to the ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration laboratory. Planning for the expansion began in November 2016. The team at e2b calibration is looking forward to the additional space. “We’re very excited to get the expansion this year. This will allow us to streamline our outbound shipping and decrease tooling check-in time for the logistics staff”, said e2b calibration Manager John Moss.

The core areas affected by the expansion are shipping & receiving, aircraft jack proof load test area, and fleet storage. The new shipping area will provide 50% more space for tooling check-in and staging. The e2b vehicle fleet will be in a more central location to the lab and provide better protection from the elements. The e2b calibration facility is located in Chardon, known as the snow capital of Northeast Ohio. Vehicle preparation and loading time are expected to decrease by 60%. The expanded space will follow the 5S organization set forth by the Northeast Ohio calibration lab. The estimated project completion time is April 2017.

Aviation maintenance professionals interested in aircraft jack proof load testing and aviation test equipment services can request information and quotes on the company’s website at calibration.aero or by calling 1 (440) 352-4700.

About e2b calibration

e2b calibration (www.calibration.aero) is an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited Northeast Ohio calibration lab and repair center. The calibration lab provides a full scope of metrology services (traceable to NIST) for most brands of aviation ground support equipment and test equipment instruments. e2b calibration, a Tronair Authorized Service Center, specializes in GSE maintenance, repair, and training. e2b calibration is the creator of Anytime Assets, a cloud-based asset management software providing customers with access to certificates of calibration, asset photos and attachments, asset transactions traceable to aircraft tail numbers, RFID capabilities, automated alerts, and reports.