Molded Fiber Glass Companies Corvette

Molded Fiber Glass is a composite molding manufacturer. The company is well known among auto enthusiasts, as they were the original manufacturer of the Corvette fiberglass body. Molded Fiber Glass was also an early pioneer of clean energy, the company began manufacturing early wind turbines in the 1980’s. They have thirteen plants and three support centers in North America.

Chevrolet Corvette Design Project

An early show model for the Corvette originally had a reinforced plastic body. The material was chosen because there wasn’t enough time to create a steel body. The company had planned to make production Corvettes with steel. Molded Fiber Glass founder, Robert Morrison, traveled to Detroit to speak with GM executives about using fiberglass for the auto body. GM was concerned that the fiberglass body couldn’t be produced fast enough to meet production demands.

The next day, GM let Morrison know they would proceed with Corvette production using the fiberglass body. He quickly put together a process in place to begin production. In 1954 the Corvette became the first American sports car to have a fiberglass body. Molded Fiber Glass Companies has been making parts for GM ever since.

Sustainable Energy

Molded Fiber Glass had gained a lot of expertise in the development and production of composite materials for cars, boats, and trucks. When they were approached in the 1980’s to make some of the first wind turbines, the company enthusiastically accepted. The company leadership felt that the creation of sustainable energy was an important effort. The wind turbine initiative helped meet two goals, less reliance on international energy sources and creation of environmentally friendly energy.

About Molded Fiber Glass Companies

The company was founded in 1948 by Robert Morrison. The headquarters are located in Ashtabula, Ohio. Molded Fiber Glass has one of the largest networks of full service molding in North America. The company has introduced multiple business technologies to streamline production. RFID technology was recently implemented to automate processes and improve asset tracking.

The company is very active in local communities. The Mexico facility sponsored an employee family day. The Union City, PA location donated $7,500 to United Way. The Ashtabula, Ohio plant built two basketball courts for the local residents.

If you want to learn more about asset tracking or RFID technology, come to Innovate 2017. Molded Fiber Glass will lead one of the sessions in the Innovate 2017 Quality & Continuous Improvement Track. The event will take place Tuesday September 12th at the Hilton Garden Inn Downtown Cleveland.


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