Mitutoyo Outside Micrometer Calibration & Maintenance

Mitutoyo outside micrometer calibration

Mitutoyo outside micrometers must be precise, taking measurements to the nearest 0.001 in. to 0.0001 in. To ensure that these instruments are providing accurate readings, technicians need to properly store and verify reading accuracy. This includes following Mitutoyo outside micrometer calibration intervals, verifying accuracy periodically, and keeping equipment safe.

Mitutoyo Outside Micrometer Calibration

Always follow the Mitutoyo recommended calibration interval to ensure accuracy. Depending on the micrometer model, annual or biennial (every two years) calibration may be recommended. Work with your ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration lab if you are unsure which calibration interval you need.

Micrometer Inspection

Begin by inspecting the micrometer frame for signs of damage. Verify that the anvil and spindle are clean and flat. Check if the micrometer moves freely through the entire range.

Check Accuracy

Internal quality guidelines may include regular accuracy checks to ensure Mitutoyo outside micrometer calibration. Checks are often scheduled for every three to six months. To guarantee that accuracy is tested regularly, schedule it with preventative maintenance intervals. An outside micrometer can be easily checked for reading accuracy using precision gage blocks. Best practice dictates that four settings should be used for a full check. Most quality guidelines recommend checking at the quarter, half, three quarter and maximum points of the range.

Routine Care

The Mitutoyo outside micrometer should be cleaned to remove moisture or debris. The manufacturer recommends using a soft cloth and a diluted anionic detergent to clean the micrometer. Do not use solvents on the instrument. Solvents may cause deterioration of the micrometer.

If the micrometer has been out of regular use, it may require multipurpose oil. Check the equipment manual for recommendations. Before storage, move the spindle so that it is not in contact with the anvil. Use the original container or other secure housing for the micrometer is in storage. Store the micrometer in a low humidity area with regulated temperature.

If you have any questions about Mitutoyo outside micrometer calibration or maintenance, contact e2b calibration, an ISO 17025 accredited calibration lab.