Mitutoyo Digital Micrometer Calibration & Maintenance Techniques

Mitutoyo digital micrometer calibration

Mitutoyo micrometers are known for their accuracy and durability. Digital micrometers are especially prevalent in machining and mechanical engineering applications due to the easy to read display. Mitutoyo digital micrometer calibration and maintenance differ from that of traditional micrometers because they operate differently. Digital micrometers use an encoder to calculate distance, which requires a specific calibration process. Keep reading for Mitutoyo digital micrometer calibration and maintenance tips to bolster equipment accuracy.

Routine Care

Prior to use or storage, the Mitutoyo digital micrometer should be cleaned to remove moisture or debris. The manufacturer recommends using a soft cloth and a diluted anionic detergent to clean the micrometer. Do not use solvents on the instrument. Solvents may cause deterioration of the micrometer.

Avoid Extreme Temperature Changes

The manufacturer recommends avoiding storage or usage of the digital micrometer in environments with abrupt temperature changes. An example of abrupt temperature change is taking a reading in a 70°F manufacturing facility, then immediately taking a measurement in a < 32°F freezer storage room. It may not be possible to avoid quick temperature changes in the operating environment, but the effect on the equipment should be minimized. The micrometer should be stabilized at room temperature prior to taking measurements.

Use Proper Long Term Storage

To decrease the possibility of damage, take care when storing a Mitutoyo digital micrometer. If it is available, store the micrometer in the packaging it was received in. The packaging used for shipping is built to withstand shock from dropping the instrument and to keep out humidity. Impact and humidity can lead to inaccurate readings, which will require calibration to correct. If the instrument will be stored for 90 days or more, remove the battery. The silver oxide battery can cause damage to the micrometer if leaking occurs, as the compound is highly corrosive.

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