Manufacturing Day 2017 welding

Manufacturing Day is an annual holiday that encourages interest in manufacturing and educates students about careers in the industry. Many companies participate by hosting live events at their facility. The holiday occurs the first Friday in October. Manufacturing Day 2017 is October 6th, organizations typically plan activities during the month of October.

Manufacturing Events

There are over 2,000 different events scheduled for Manufacturing Day 2017 in North America. Activities range from company tours and demonstrations to hands-on workshops and panel interviews. Organizations can host events publicly or require invitation.

Ohio Manufacturing Day Events

Why Manufacturing Day?

The manufacturing industry as a whole is experiencing a worker shortage, which is on track to get larger over time. Many seasoned fabrication and assembly workers are retiring, and few new workers are filling the empty positions. Studies show that older students may have inaccurate, negative perceptions of careers in manufacturing. The largest concerns are offshoring, low pay ceilings, unsafe conditions, and demanding physical work. A key goal of Manufacturing Day 2017 is to provide an accurate picture of current careers and opportunities.

US GDP from Manufacturing is 2208.50 Billion dollars in the first quarter of 2017

Manufacturing is still a large part of the economy. While most raw materials or small parts production is done in other countries, a lot of chemical and complex manufacturing is performed in the US. Oil refining, aircraft assembly, automotive, and pharmaceutical production are among the top manufacturing disciplines in the country.

Manufacturing Wages

Wages in manufacturing can vary dramatically by position. Students that receive training for key roles, such as machinists, chemists, and supervisors can make upwards of $50,000 annually. Many organizations train on the job and promote from within. Students that want to step into a more advanced position can enroll in manufacturing technology programs that typically take 2 years to complete.

Work Environment

Many organizations participating in Manufacturing Day 2017 are providing facility tours. By seeing the shop floor, companies are hoping to show prospective future workers that the environment is clean and safe. Guides focus on showing safety mechanisms and process controls. Many organizations encourage students to ask specific questions about job functions. This gives the students a chance to get direct answers from people in fields or positions that they are considering for possible careers.

Multiple studies completed after past Manufacturing Day events show that the interaction is working. Students indicate a much better understanding of opportunities in manufacturing and are interested in possible career paths. To learn more about Manufacturing Day, or to schedule a Manufacturing Day 2017 event, visit:

Image Credit:Christopher Burns