How to Maintain a Druck ADTS 505

druck adts 505

Aviation equipment is an investment. Many MRO’s and FBO’s find that taking proper care of equipment extends usable life, decreases costs, and sustains quality. Below are our tips to maintain a Druck ADTS 505.

Daily Maintenance

First things first, start with a visual inspection. Make sure that all the equipment is accounted for, note if anything is missing. Take a closer look at the exterior of the ADTS 505 and accompanying equipment. Look for dirt, moisture, or any tell-tale signs that the equipment may have been damaged. To clean the exterior of the ADTS 505, use mild soap or liquid detergent and a soft cloth.

Don’t forget the pressure outlet ports. Check the ports for dirt and moisture. Use a soft cloth to clean.

Before using the ADTS 505, power-up the unit. Ensure that blanking caps are on the front panel outputs. Make sure the power indicator is on.

Check the last calibration date on the unit. If you notice that calibration is coming due or past due, arrange for the unit to be calibrated.

Check the display for any error messages. Note any error messages, minor errors that are already scheduled for repair can be cleared by pressing Clear/Quit.

Weekly Maintenance

Inspect the pneumatic output connectors for any damage. Make sure there are no signs of wear or cuts on the small O-ring on each pneumatic output connector. If the O-rings appear to be in bad condition, replace them.

Visually inspect the pneumatic hoses and electrical cables. Replace hoses or cables if there are splits, wear, or damage.

Cleaning frequency will vary depending on the cleanliness of the area the air data test set is being used in. Regular cleaning is recommended. Use a damp, soft cloth and mild soap to clean the front panel. Use isopropyl alcohol on any stubborn areas. Use a soft, bristle brush (and isopropyl alcohol if necessary) to clean all pneumatic connectors.

Annual Maintenance

The normal air data test set calibration period 12 months. Withdraw the air data test set from service when calibration is due. The air data test set calibration date is stored in the unit, displaying during the power-up sequence and on a label on the front panel. Units that are past calibration due date should not be used. A quality or equipment manager may decide to change the calibration interval depending on usage and the operating environment.

Scheduled Maintenance

At the 1,000 and 3,000 hour mark, the air data test set is scheduled for inspection from a repair depot. This may occur before reaching this mark if the air data test set has sustained any damage or excessive wear.

If you have any questions about maintaining Druck ADTS 505 equipment or air data test set calibration or maintenance, contact e2b calibration.