How to Maintain a Brooks 5850E Mass Flow Controller

maintain a Brooks 5850E mass flow controller

Ensuring mass flow controller accuracy is critical, regardless of the industry or application. Taking care of equipment reduces instances of impairment and extends usable life. The best way to maintain a Brooks 5850E mass flow controller is by performing preventative maintenance, decreasing the risk of damage, and using proper storage techniques.

Preventative Maintenance

The easiest way to maintain a Brooks 5850E mass flow controller is to create and follow a preventative maintenance schedule. The manufacturer recommends periodically checking the filter. If a filter is clogged or dirty, it can be replaced or ultrasonically cleaned. The filtering element should be checked at least every 6 months.

If the internal tube is dirty or clogged, the mass flow controller will not function properly. The mass flow controller tube should be cleaned to ensure accurate readings. The manufacturer recommends using 0.007” diameter piano wire to clear obstructions. Tweezers or a hemostat can be used to push the wire through the tube to remove any contamination. The wire should be inserted into the downstream opening of the sensor tube. The manufacturer recommends Freon for flushing the sensor tube, other non-residue solvents can be used as well. This can be introduced into the tube via a hypodermic needle. The steps in the schedule will help keep the instrument reliable and accurate to control work processes.


The protective packaging that the mass flow controller is shipped in from the manufacturer is the best option for storage. The container was designed to protect the equipment from damage. To maintain a Brooks 5850E mass flow controller, avoid storage in an area subject to extreme temperatures or humidity. The storage area temperature should be kept between 45°F to 90°F. Humidity adversely affects the mass flow controller, make sure potential storage locations have less than 60% humidity.

If you have any questions about Brooks 5850E mass flow controller calibration or maintenance, contact e2b calibration.