A load cell is a device used to measure the weight and force of an object. It is classified as a transducer because it is frequently used to convert measurements of weight and force into electrical signals. The load cells are known for being extremely accurate, therefore, the device is frequently used as part of a weighing system in many industrial sectors, including aerospace. To ensure a load cell is functioning accurately and reliably, it is important to calibrate the device frequently. Regular calibration of a load cell will not only aid in product liability and safety issues, but will also assure that the device is meeting national standard requirements.


Although load cells are known to be accurate, they have to be continually maintained to ensure they are living up to their reputation. Load cells should be calibrated frequently because they are subject to drift from the following


Load cells that are used regularly, especially when associated with high levels of electricity, tend to drift faster than those that are not used frequently. It’s important to note how much a load cell is used when making a calibration interval for the device.


Load cells that are not stored properly can drift quickly. This is because inappropriate storage leads to contamination of particulate matter. This affects the performance of the instrument significantly.


Any instrument that undergoes any type of mistreatment, particularly a fall, should be recalibrated before use. Measurement results will not be accurate or reliable if using a device that has experienced some form of trauma.


With instrument age comes performance drifting. In some cases when a load cell has drifted due to age, the device can be recalibrated and then used. It is in best interest to invest in a new load cell after it has aged significantly.

If load cells are not calibrated in proper intervals, load measurement readings will become less accurate. Notably, these inaccuracies may not be noticeable to the user, therefore, it is extremely important to calibrate the device on a regular basis.

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