IQS quality management and compliance software

IQS is a quality management and compliance software company. Their main focus is midsize to large global manufacturers. They participate in twelve different industry associations, including ASQ (the American Society for Quality). The local IQS office is located in North Olmstead, Ohio.

IQS was founded in 1988. They serve manufacturing organizations around the world by helping with total quality management. IQS specializes in quality compliance for ISO 9001, AS 9100, and FDA GxP. The software is used by large corporations such as Boeing, Parker Hannifin, Burt’s Bee’s, and MTD Products.

What is IQS?

IQS quality management and compliance software provides three core benefits: traceability, analysis, and control. Traceability refers to the process of determining the root cause of a quality issue and when it occurred. Recording pertinent data makes it easier to pinpoint potential causes of poor quality. IQS replaces traditional statistical analysis software, allowing for equivalent comparison within the total quality management software. Process variation can be caught earlier in a production run. Communication is also easy within the system. Many times engineers and production leads don’t hear about customer complaints, leaving enterprise wide quality knowledge gaps.

Identifying the Need for QMS Change

Many manufacturers have some form quality control but lack a sophisticated system, such as the IQS quality management and compliance solution. Implementing an effective quality system upfront may seem cost prohibitive, but it is nothing compared to the cost of poor quality. One of the ways that a company can tell if they need to modify their quality system is if they need to conform to governing bodies, such as ISO. The regulations can be difficult to manage, IQS built this functionality in to their system.

If you want to learn more about quality management or ISO compliance, come to Innovate 2017. IQS will lead one of the sessions in the Innovate 2017 Quality & Continuous Improvement Track. The event will take place Tuesday September 12th at the Hilton Garden Inn Downtown Cleveland.


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