Innovate 2017 asset management RFID

The Innovate 2017 Manufacturing Technology & Quality conference wrapped up September 12th. The event featured a Quality & Continuous Improvement (CI) track to provide education and actionable tips to attendees in quality, maintenance, and management roles. A total of 36 sessions were available that covered different topics in quality and technology.

Quality Management Technology

Tom West (Senior Account Executive, IQS) kicked off the Quality & CI track of Innovate 2017 with a session on enterprise quality management software (EQMS) and quality trend analysis. Tom explained how manufacturers can use technology to enhance quality training, handle customer complaints, and strengthen production part approval processes (PPAP). A key point in this presentation was controlling quality assurance costs. Tom spoke about methods for ensuring quality without breaking the bank. Learn more about IQS here:

Innovate 2017 MAGNET 5S ISO complianceSafety – Waste Reduction – 5S – Standard Work

One of the most talked about sessions was “Best Practices & Tips for Quality Compliance” presented by Gwido Dlugopolsky (Senior Lead Consultant, MAGNET). Gwido described multiple processes that manufacturers can adopt to reduce work place accidents and near misses, bolster 5S activities, and decrease process variation. The presentation included a statistic that over 90% of on the job injuries are due to unsafe behaviors versus hazardous conditions. Training programs must demonstrate safe behaviors and reinforce good decision making. Learn more about MAGNET here:“The best session was the MAGNET presentation on 5S and standard work. I really liked the tips on visual standard work instructions.” – Innovate attendee

Artificial Intelligence – Robotics – 3D Printing

Dave Mustin (Management Consulting Partner, Skoda Minotti) led a session on cutting edge technology at Innovate 2017. Dave explored how rapid adoption of these technologies is transforming the manufacturing industry. Key examples included driving assistance and AI controlled vehicles in the automotive manufacturing industry and how companies are utilizing IBM Watson for business intelligence. Learn more about Skoda Minotti here:

Asset Management – Traceability – RFID – Preventative Maintenance

Do you know of any businesses that do not have assets? A core problem in many manufacturing companies is the inability to effectively track assets. John Moss (General Manager, e2b calibration) provided a comparison of asset tracking methods, explained how asset traceability relates to ISO compliance, and why complete asset visibility is important. The session included a live demonstration of cloud based asset management software, Anytime Assets. John showed attendees how an asset can be transferred to a new location, work order, or employee by using the system and a barcode scanner. Learn more about Anytime Assets:

Conference Extras

e2b Innovate 2017 Cleveland IndiansAttendees, presenters, and sponsors were provided a continental breakfast, lunch, root beer floats, and a cocktail reception. All were invited to the Cleveland Indians vs Detroit Tigers game that evening. Those that attended the game received dinner in the terrace club and lower level seats on the 3rd base line.

“I’ve been an Indians fan for the past 40 years. I’m excited to see my team make history. What a great way to end the night!” – Innovate attendeeSee our library of conferences, holidays, and trade shows. Event Library