Industry Week 2017 Manufacturing & Technology Expo

2017 Manufacturing & Technology Expo

The 2017 Manufacturing & Technology Expo is a three day event that focuses on advanced manufacturing technology, leadership, and operational management. The show has been expanded for 2017. The Expo will have plant tours, demonstrations, networking events, workshops, and sessions for attendees. The event starts Monday May 8th and concludes Wednesday May 10th at the Huntington Convention Center in Cleveland, Ohio.

Plant Tours

Plant tours are offered Monday May 8th in the morning and early afternoon. Rockwell Automation in Twinsburg is offering two tours that focus on the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Rockwell Automation will show visitors how they use technology to decrease defects and delivery time. MakerGear is offering a tour of their 3D printer production facility located in Beachwood. Plastic injection and rapid prototyping company, Thogus, is offering morning and early afternoon tours at their Avon Lake facility.

2017 Manufacturing & Technology Expo Demonstrations

This show stands out among other manufacturing events due to the amount of interactive demonstrations available. Demonstrations are scheduled for May 9th at 10am. The convention center will have an obstacle course that attendees can navigate by drone. Drone racing will take place, with prizes available for the winning pilots. A robotics area will give attendees the ability to program simple operations.

DAQRI Smart Helmet – Augmented Reality

The DAQRI Smart Helmet demonstration showcases the latest in Augmented Reality (A/R) and wearables technology. The Smart Helmet addresses multiple issues found in manufacturing production processes and safety. DAQRI believes that AR can empower workers to make better decisions and enhances workplace safety. One of the most applicable uses affects technicians that work

The Smart Helmet has an array of built in sensors, an industrial grade inertial instrument, and 360° multi-camera array. Thermal vision enables the wearer to recognize if items are too hot to touch for production and safety applications. The visual display can show guided work instructions as maintenance or adjustments are performed. The helmet also allows for a remote employee to guide the onsite worker through challenging repairs.

Networking Events

On Monday May 8th, a cocktail reception will be hosted at the Huntington Convention Center from 5 – 6:30pm. Tuesday May 9th the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame will be open to 2017 Manufacturing & Technology Expo visitors and exhibitors. Notable finds:

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