Industry Association Profile: SPE

SPE Foundation

The Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) is a global, technical society for the plastics industry. The community is open to people that are interested in the commercial and technical aspects of polymers and plastics. SPE provides members with opportunities to develop skills, learn new processes and best practices, and network with other professionals. The organization encourages student participation and hosts multiple, global events.

“The Society represents all types of professionals involved in the plastics field from student to retired professional. Its mission is provide and promote scientific and engineering knowledge related to plastics around the world.”- SPE Mission Statement

SPE Facts

SPE has been very involved in the plastics community, offering online forum the Chain. The organization takes part in the multiple plastics conferences and events. A large concern for the plastics industry as a whole is sustainability. SPE supports events like Plasticity, an event where industry experts gather to discuss the challenges facing waste and sustainability in plastics

Plastics Research & Industry Resources

SPE has multiple industry publications, each focusing on a specific plastics process or technology. Plastics Engineering magazine has the latest plastics news. Readers can browse through past issues and discipline specific blog posts at the website. The SPE website also provides members access to scholarly journals.

SPE Foundation

The SPE Foundation provides monetary assistance and support to plastics and polymers education. The Foundation offers 27 scholarships for students at various stages of collegiate education. Scholarship applicants must be pursuing degrees in polymer science, industrial engineering, chemistry, or other degrees that pertain to the plastics industry. Grants are also available annually for training courses, school materials, and to develop educational programs.

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