Did you know that metrology is vital to almost everything…aviation, healthcare, technology, defense, energy, you name it. Without metrology, airplanes would not be able to fly, cell phones and credit cards would not be able to work and distribution of electricity would not be possible. Many things we use in everyday life are possible due to metrology, but yet it is a science we take for granted.


Many people confuse metrology with meteorology, but metrology has nothing to do with weather. Metrology is actually the science of measurement and aids in the following necessities:


I bet you didn’t realize that metrology aids in protecting people. The correct dosing of drugs and measurement of radiation, along with food safety and road safety, is all determined by metrology. Without metrology, many critical requirements for public health would not be possible.

Metrology also protects people in emergencies and helps save lives. All ships, airlines and occasionally amateur hikers use emergency locator beacons, known as Search and Rescue Satellite Aided Tracking (SARSAT). This system was made possible by metrology and has saved more than 40,000 lives since its development.

Protection of people is also made possible by metrology when it comes to road safety. With the science of measurements, restrictions on speed, alcohol and vehicle braking have been created to ensure overall safety of drivers and pedestrians.


Want to hear another cool fact about metrology? It also saves us money. All of our transactions made actually involve measurements. For example, measurements are need to determine nutrition labels on food, the metering of gas consumption, measurements of gasoline intake at the pump, etc. Without these correct measurements, prices could be outrageous for the things we need in our everyday life.

Metrology has also set guidelines for business and customers transactions. Measurements ensure that we are paying the correct amount of money for what we are receiving.


Metrology all around ensures quality. Without the correct measurements, the ability to produce consumer and user requirements would not be possible. Metrology ensures that all we invest in will measures up to satisfying customer expectations in regards to performance.

Now that you know a little more about metrology, learn about how it affects your food consumption.
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