Fisherbrand Elite Pipette Calibration & Troubleshooting

Fisherbrand Elite pipette calibration

The Fisherbrand Elite pipette is used for sampling and dispensing accurate amounts of liquid in a variety of applications. Laboratory technicians rely on these readings for process precision and repeatability. If an instrument is giving inaccurate readings, any testing or processes performed may not be valid. There are multiple causes that could be to blame for incorrect readings, ranging from missing a Fisherbrand Elite pipette calibration due date to process errors. The points below outline common causes that may lead to inaccurate readings.

Excess Liquid on Pipette Tip

Any time that a measurement is being taken, make sure that there is no liquid on the exterior of the pipette tip. Excess liquid will make the largest difference in scenarios where smaller volumes are being measured. The excess liquid is not accounted for in the pipette setting. Use a chemical wipe to remove any excess liquid, and continue measurement.

Air Pocket in Pipette Tip

From time to time, an air pocket may occur in the pipette tip. The air pocket effectively blocks the entrance of the set amount of liquid. If this occurs, replace the pipette tip.

Stuck Plunger Button

The pipette requires regular cleaning and lubrication to perform accurate readings. This may be done during Fisherbrand Elite pipette calibration testing. Check with your ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration lab to verify that the pipette is cleaned and lubricated during this process.

Pipette Damage

Pipettes were not designed to absorb the impact from falls or other types of damage. If the instrument shows any sign of damage, the measurements may not be accurate. If this is the case, perform the calibration check process: How to Check Fisherbrand Elite Pipette Calibration

If the pipette passes the calibration check, continue operations and note the damage in a maintenance log. If the results prove to be inaccurate, schedule Fisherbrand Elite pipette calibration.

If you have any questions about Fisherbrand Elite pipette calibration, or would like a quote, contact e2b calibration.