Fisherbrand Elite Pipette Calibration Checks

Fisherbrand Elite pipette calibration

In laboratory settings, a pipette is one of the most common instruments. They are relied on to provide accurate measurements, especially for small volumes, such as 5 µl. Many laboratory technicians are unsure what process to use to check Fisherbrand Elite pipette calibration. Keep reading to learn about the Fisherbrand Elite pipette calibration process.

Calibration Verification Process

Make sure that the correct pipetting process is used for the Fisherbrand Elite pipette. The instrument was manufactured and calibrated to use the forward pipetting technique. Adjust the pipette when measuring liquids with different temperature or viscosity. Use an analytical balance to provide measurement readings. If possible, calibration checks should take place in an area with a stable temperature between 59° – 86°F (15° – 30°C) and relative humidity over 50%. Special care must be taken when working with small volume measurements because of the probability of evaporation loss.

Fisherbrand Elite Pipette Calibration Check Process

    1. Using a new tip, wet the pipette three to five times
    2. Take 10 minimum volume readings
    3. Take 10 nominal (maximum) volume readings
    4. Calculate the inaccuracy of each series
    5. Calculate series imprecision
    6. Use the manufacturer guide to compare results

Fisherbrand Elite Pipette Calibration

The Fisherbrand Elite pipette requires routine calibration, like many of types of laboratory equipment. The pipettes are calibrated at the factory, using distilled water. The instrument will need to be calibrated at regular intervals to maintain accuracy. The Fisherbrand Elite pipette calibration interval can range from 6 to 12 months. Accrediting bodies or internal quality guidelines may stipulate minimum pipette calibration intervals. If an interval is not specified in any documentation an annual interval is often selected. The interval can then be shortened, if necessary.

If you have any questions about Fisherbrand Elite pipette calibration intervals, or would like a quote, contact ISO 17025 accredited laboratory e2b calibration.