Fabricators and Manufacturers Association

The Fabricators and Manufacturers Association is a professional organization for the metal fabricating and forming industry. The association brings together fabrication equipment and metal fabricators. The FMA hosts technology councils, trade shows, networking events, and knowledge programs. The association has seven official publications.

“To advocate for the growth and sustainability of the North American metal processing, forming, and fabricating industries.” – FMA Mission Statement

FMA Facts

Brief History of Fabricators & Manufacturers Association

The association formed in 1970. The original headquarters was located in Rockford, Illinois. Rockford has a history of manufacturing. A large Chrysler assembly plant opened shortly before the formation of the FMA. The association began writing about metal forming and fabrication in THE FABRICATOR magazine, which launched in 1971. Articles included metals news, tool buying guides, and best practices.

The Fabricators and Manufacturers Association sponsors the FABTECH trade show, which debuted in 1981. The first FABTECH show was held in Cleveland, Ohio and featured 161 exhibitors. Over time, related organizations partnered with the FMA to improve and sponsor the event.

In 1990, the Fabricators and Manufacturers Association launched their foundation, Nuts, Bolts & Thingamajigs. The foundation educates teens about careers in manufacturing and awards scholarships to students pursuing related fields of study.

MFG Day, commonly known as Manufacturing Day was founded by the FMA in 2012. The event aims to ensure the continuance of the manufacturing industry. Many of the events are directed at young people, providing education and increasing interest in manufacturing careers. Direct goals are addressing the manufacturing labor shortage and changing incorrect manufacturing perceptions. MFG Day is scheduled the first Friday in October.

FMA Today

The FMA now has additional publications that include Practical Welding Today, The Tube & Pipe Journal, and STAMPING Journal. Special publications include Canadian Metalworking, Canadian Fabricating & Welding, and the Spanish edition of The FABRICATOR. Publications are available in print or digital copies.

To provide continuing education to members, FMA offers conferences, seminars, and certification programs. Courses are offered for coil processing, roll forming, press brake safeguarding, and more. Custom training is also offered at the member site.

This past spring, the Nuts, Bolts & Thingamajigs foundation awarded scholarships to 15 students. Many of the recipients are enrolled in engineering or welding programs. Award amounts ranged from $2,000 – $3,000. Applicants had to be enrolled full time in a metalworking or related program and meet GPA requirements. In addition to scholarships, the foundation is involved in multiple manufacturing summer programs for students ages 11 – 16. Over 40 institutions are offering the programs on their campuses. At the Zanesville Summer Manufacturing Institute, students will learn how to build a hydraulic arm.

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