eRequester purchase management software

eRequester is a software solution that helps companies manage purchasing and spending. The purchase management software application works by giving leaders greater control over purchase approvals and spending tracking. eRequester purchase management software can be used for requisition, purchase orders, invoice automation, and expenses. The company is also a recognized Microsoft® Gold Development Partner and Sage ERP Gold Development Partner.

How to Use eRequester

eRequester purchase management software uses an Approval Workflow Engine with custom routing rules. The software is tailored to individual company needs, such as automatic dual approval for purchases over a certain dollar amount. eRequester also works with many ERP and accounting systems.

Large Purchase Approvals

An example of a large purchase is a company van. In companies that have less than 1,000 employees, fleet management may be handled by multiple people throughout departments. This can create various barriers to purchasing due to approvals. eRequester makes the process easier by creating automated work flow processes to get everyone what they need quickly.

Consider the following scenario: The delivery driver notices company van 003 isn’t running correctly, prompting him to contact maintenance. The maintenance technician assigned to the issue notices that the vehicle has 210,000+ miles, determining that it may be better to replace the vehicle than perform repairs. The maintenance technician passes this on to the maintenance manager. The maintenance manager determines the vehicle needs to be replaced, but the purchase falls under the shipping department.

Purchase Approval Process
      1. The shipping supervisor requests to purchase a new Ford Transit van for $37,990.
      2. The request is delivered to the purchasing manager. The purchasing manager requires approval from the operations manager on purchases over $25,000.
      3. The request is automatically sent to the operations manager. After reviewing the request, the operations manager wants the maintenance manager to approve that the van needs to be replaced.
      4. The maintenance manager confirms that the company must purchase a new van. The maintenance manager approves the purchase.
      5. The operations manager is notified that the maintenance manager has approved. The operations manager approves the purchase.
      6. The purchasing manager sees that the approval has been approved by both pertinent managers. The purchasing manager approves the purchase and begins the process of buying the new van.

eRequester works best for companies that require compound approvals or have multiple locations. Many companies use eRequester purchase management software to control disparate technology purchases or track spending trends. This can provide insights into internal purchase habits and asset quality.

If you want to learn more about purchase management software, come to Innovate 2017. eRequester will lead one of the sessions in the Innovate 2017 Quality & Continuous Improvement Track. The event will take place Tuesday September 12th at the Hilton Garden Inn Downtown Cleveland.


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