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When was the last time your organization had a 360° asset inventory? While most companies aim to perform an inventory annually, this doesn’t often occur. There are multiple obstacles that can get in the way of this process. The main culprits are lack of time and manpower, closely following is not having a reliable, sustainable system to manage assets. To best address these problems, we recommend choosing a solution that doesn’t put extra strain on your team and introducing an efficient asset management system.

Determine Asset Inventory Scope

Defining the scope of the inventory project is the first step of this process. The information gathered at this stage will determine the total investment needed to complete the entire project. Answer the following questions to form the asset inventory scope.

Defined Scope

Record the answers to the previous questions. This will provide a full picture of the upcoming project. The key now is to determine if the project can be completed using current resources. Consider past asset inventory proceedings.

If all of the requirements are not met with current resources, consider the following two options:

Asset Inventory Services

Asset inventory services provide a team of professionals to take a thorough inventory of all selected assets. Using this method prevents the need for taking employees away from important tasks and eliminates impact on operations. An inventory services team is not confined by strict time limits, allowing the capture of additional information or asset assignment.

Asset Inventory Services

Asset Management Software

Anytime Assets cloud based asset management software can store asset information and track asset locations in real time. Anytime Assets features location transaction functionality. This allows for better tracking. You can use the software to track an asset to a facility, department, bin, or even the person using it. Anytime Assets is configurable to use any type of location tracking that you need. Barcoding, RFID, and geolocation tracking are available with the asset management software.

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