warehouse asset tracking

Tooling and equipment are one of the largest investments a manufacturing or distribution organization can make. Naturally, managers need to be able to locate an asset or check tooling status quickly. Asset tracking using a static system, such as a notebook of spreadsheet, can be difficult because manual processes are required to make updates. A more convenient way to track assets is with asset management software.

Asset Visuals

Searching for unfamiliar instruments is trying, especially when it is unknown what the instrument or case looks like. Adding photos to asset records makes this process much easier. Asset images can also be used to verify instrument condition. For companies that ship tooling, photos enable shipping and receiving personnel to quickly solve damage claims. The ability to attach images is a unique among asset tracking software.

anytime assets mobile asset trackingMobile Access

Have a large facility? Going back and forth from a desktop computer can be aggravating when locating assets or updating transactions. Tablets or smart phones are much more convenient, but it’s difficult to find asset management software that works on mobile devices. Anytime Assets is cloud based, allowing access from any mobile device with an internet connection.

Simple Compliance

Remembering calibration dates can be challenging when dealing with equipment that is used at multiple facilities or has short testing intervals. Calibration past due instruments can effect quality systems and incur increased service costs. The answer is an automatic alert system. e2b calibration’s asset tracking service notifies customers of when assets are due for service on individual items, so instruments don’t become forgotten and loose dependability.

Calibration Updates

Organizations may have a few, key instruments that are necessary for continuing operations. When these items are out for calibration, it can be stressful not to know when they will be back in rotation. Calling the calibration laboratory to check order status is not the answer. Anytime Assets customers are given a secure login where they can monitor the progress of all their calibrated. Assets can be sorted by make, model or serial number. A complete historical record of all calibrated assets condition can also be viewed on the Anytime Assets network by anyone with a secure password.

The Anytime Assets tracking system offers unique capabilities such as full photos and appointment notifications. It is just one way that e2b calibration offers simple, affordable, and convenient calibration services to their customers.Learn more about how asset tracking software can make it easier to stay complaint. Learn MoreImage Credit:Charly Birdsinger