Cleveland calibration laboratory e2b calibration

e2b calibration has been serving Cleveland for the past 16 years. Whether or not people consider it part of Polymer Valley, the primary economic sector of the city is manufacturing. The Cleveland calibration laboratory was formed to meet the needs of these manufacturing organizations and other local businesses.

Brief History of e2b calibration

e2b began offering calibration services in 2001 for manufacturers, pharmaceutical organizations, MROs, FBOs, and distributors. The Cleveland calibration laboratory was originally named Click Cal. The team was about one third of the current size. Core calibration testing services included physical dimension calibration, force measurement testing, and pressure calibration testing. The team provided calibration order pickup and delivery throughout the Cleveland area.

Focus on Quality

As the business grew, processes were refined to provide better quality. To become recognized for these efforts, e2b calibration went through the ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation process. Multiple calibration services have been added to the scope over the years. The e2b calibration team also implemented 5S. The organization principle helped the team eliminate waste and better utilize space. Founder & CEO Bill Henslee created an asset management system to help customers track assets and find certificates of calibration. Anytime Assets is one of the reasons customers enjoy working with e2b calibration.

Aviation Calibration

Ohio is the birthplace of aviation. The laboratory began specializing in aviation calibration testing. This includes air data test set calibration, aircraft jack proof load testing, and GSE services. A new website,, was created for aviation customers in March 2016. The website provides information on FOD prevention, GSE, and aviation maintenance education. e2b calibration became a Tronair Authorized Service Center in August 2016. The e2b calibration team exhibited at the local Ohio Aviation Maintenance Symposium in Columbus, Ohio and MRO Americas in Orlando during the spring of 2017.

Recent Upgrades

In March 2017, an addition was built to expand the aircraft jack proof load testing area and shipping area. This allowed for a better turnaround time for customers, which is a KPI of the Cleveland calibration laboratory. A climate controlled testing area was added for expanded pin gage and thread calibration testing. Soon, the team will begin offering Tronair GSE training to MROs and FBOs. For more updates on e2b calibration, check the website and follow us on LinkedIn.Don’t miss the latest in quality, manufacturing, and aviation news. Follow Us