How to Check Fisherbrand Elite Pipette Calibration

Fisherbrand Elite pipette calibration

Fisherbrand Elite pipettes are relied on for accurate readings by laboratories and hospitals. To ensure reading validity, anyone that handles these instruments should know how to verify Fisherbrand Elite pipette calibration. Checking pipette calibration may take between 30 – 60 minutes, depending on how fast the calculations can be completed.

Pipette Calibration & Adjustment Status

New Fisherbrand Elite pipettes are calibrated by the manufacturer. A certificate of calibration is included with each new Fisherbrand Elite pipette. The pipettes are adjusted at by the manufacturer to give the volumes specified with de-ionized or distilled water. The settings assume use of the Forward Pipetting Technique.

Forward Technique

Directions assume that the liquid is being measured from a sterile reservoir.

      1. The pipette button is depressed to the first stop.
      2. Position the tip beneath the surface of the liquid in the reservoir.
      3. Slowly release the push button when a depth of 1 cm has been reached.
      4. Remove excess liquid from the pipette tip by touching it against the side of the reservoir.
      5. Liquid is delivered by gently depressing the push button to the first stop.
      6. Wait one second, then press the push button to the second stop. The tip will be empty of liquid.
      7. Release the push button to the start position.

*Change the pipette tip if necessary.

If a pipetting technique other than the Forward Technique (listed above) is used, the calibration results may be affected. The Fisherbrand Elite pipette can be adjusted for alternative techniques.

Fisherbrand Elite Pipette Calibration Check Process

        1. Using a new tip, wet the pipette three to five times.
        2. Take 10 minimum volume readings.
        3. Take 10 nominal (maximum) volume readings.
        4. Calculate the inaccuracy of each series.
        5. Calculate series imprecision.
        6. Use the manufacturer guide to compare results.

If you have any questions about Fisherbrand Elite pipette calibration, or would like a quote, contact e2b calibration.