• Cable Tensiometer Calibration

    Cable Tensiometer Calibration

    Cable Tensiometers are hand-held instruments used to measure the tension of a cable. They are often used in the aviation industry during cable rigging in aircraft by aircraft manufacturers and for periodic cable maintenance by aircraft maintenance technicians. Cables are used in an aircraft to connect the flight controls in the cockpit with the movable

  • e2b calibration Mobile/On-Site Calibrations

    e2b calibration Mobile/On-Site Calibrations

    Mobile or on-site calibrations are calibrations that are performed on test equipment by an established calibration laboratory but at a customer’s location. Mobile or on-site calibrations are either performed within the customer’s facilities in areas provided by the customer or in fully equipped, climate-controlled, mobile calibration vehicles capable of performing calibrations under controlled environmental conditions.

  • Nonaccredited vs Accredited Calibrations

    Nonaccredited vs Accredited Calibrations

    Many customers of calibration services are unaware of the options available to them for the types of calibrations that can be performed. When equipment is sent to the calibration laboratory, little information is provided by the customer concerning the services required for the equipment. Usually, customers just want it ‘calibrated’. Having the proper knowledge of

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