• Nonaccredited vs Accredited Calibrations

    Nonaccredited vs Accredited Calibrations

    Many customers of calibration services are unaware of the options available to them for the types of calibrations that can be performed. When equipment is sent to the calibration laboratory, little information is provided by the customer concerning the services required for the equipment. Usually, customers just want it ‘calibrated’. Having the proper knowledge of

  • Dimensional Calibration Fundamentals

    Dimensional Calibration Fundamentals

    Dimensional calibrations are calibrations that involve equipment that measures the physical size of an object related to length, width, diameters and angles. It is also used to check equipment that measures the geometrical properties of machined parts such as hole position, flatness, parallelism and part profiles. Dimensional equipment includes items such as micrometers, calipers, ring

  • Low Pressure Calibrations

    Low Pressure Calibrations

    The measurement and calibration of very low pressures is a difficult and challenging endeavor for many industries and calibration laboratories. These very low pressures, ranging from 0 psi to approximately 1 psi, require a different measurement and calibration setup as compared to the calibration of higher pressures. To increase the scaling of the measurements below

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