• Gas Analyzer Calibration

    Gas Analyzer Calibration

    Gas monitoring equipment generally measures oxygen, carbon monoxide and temperature, but can often be fitted with other sensors to measure different gases and parameters. Proper calibration ensures that the measurement samples being taken are within the analyzers’ specifications and are as accurate as possible. Calibration verifies that equipment and work spaces are within the desired

  • Optical Comparators

    Optical Comparators

    An optical comparator is a delicate measuring device which uses its own light source, multiple mirrors and lenses to project a magnified silhouette of an object under observation on its screen. There are three different measurement techniques: One is by placing instrument on silhouette of an object The second is by measuring the various points

  • Hardness Testers

    Hardness Testers

    Hardness testing of materials is one of the most common tests used to determine a material’s strength. The test measures the material’s resistance to a permanent deformation, usually by a non-destructive penetration of the material. Hardness testing is easy to perform and can be used to test nearly any material from hard materials such as metals,

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