• Hot Stick Use and Care

    Hot Stick Use and Care

    Hot Sticks are insulated poles used by electrical utility workers to protect them from electric shock when performing maintenance or repairs on power lines. The Hot Stick provides both a method of electrical insulation from live power lines and provides a physical separation to reduce the chances of injury if electrical arcing occurs Hot Sticks

  • Laser Level Calibration

    Laser Level Calibration

    Laser Levels are innovative tools that emit a laser beam to display a horizontal and/or vertical illuminated line on a surface. They are typically used in the construction industry and for home remodeling where an accurate, straight and level reference is required. Laser Levels can be used either indoors or outdoors and for tasks as

  • Thread Gage Calibration

    Thread Gage Calibration

    The use of Thread Gages is the fundamental means to verify whether a threaded part is accurate. There are many different types of Thread Gages, usually constructed as a threaded ring gage or plug gage, and are often used as GO/NO-GO type gages to check the acceptance of a wide variety of externally threaded parts

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