• Optical and Photo Tachometers
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    Optical and Photo Tachometers

    Optical and Photo Tachometers are handheld, portable devices used to measure the rotational speed of various objects. These types of tachometers use a non-contact method to convert rotational motion into electric pulses that can be accurately measured. Many tachometers can also be used to measure the total number of optical pulses and be used as

  • SPY Coating Inspection Products
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    SPY Coating Inspection Products

    There are a number of products used in the oil, gas or construction industries where coatings are applied to the surface of the structures to protect them from corrosion, rust or other types of premature deterioration due to the environments they are used in. Coatings are used on buried products such as pipelines, septic tanks,

  • Hot Stick Use and Care
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    Hot Stick Use and Care

    Hot Sticks are insulated poles used by electrical utility workers to protect them from electric shock when performing maintenance or repairs on power lines. The Hot Stick provides both a method of electrical insulation from live power lines and provides a physical separation to reduce the chances of injury if electrical arcing occurs Hot Sticks

  • Certified Calibration Technicians (CCT)
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    Certified Calibration Technicians (CCT)

    Calibration technicians play a critical role in many quality and manufacturing environments. A calibration technician’s duties involve the calibration, adjustment, troubleshooting and repair of various types of mechanical, optical, dimensional and electronic measuring equipment and other process instrumentation. In manufacturing environments this equipment is used to measure temperatures, pressures, lengths, voltages, currents, frequencies, mass an


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