• Cable Tensiometer Calibration
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    Cable Tensiometer Calibration

    Cable Tensiometers are hand-held instruments used to measure the tension of a cable. They are often used in the aviation industry during cable rigging in aircraft by aircraft manufacturers and for periodic cable maintenance by aircraft maintenance technicians. Cables are used in an aircraft to connect the flight controls in the cockpit with the movable

  • e2b calibration Mobile/On-Site Calibrations
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    e2b calibration Mobile/On-Site Calibrations

    Mobile or on-site calibrations are calibrations that are performed on test equipment by an established calibration laboratory but at a customer’s location. Mobile or on-site calibrations are either performed within the customer’s facilities in areas provided by the customer or in fully equipped, climate-controlled, mobile calibration vehicles capable of performing calibrations under controlled environmental conditions.

  • Calibration of Theodolites
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    Calibration of Theodolites

    Theodolites are a type of optical instrument used for measuring precise horizontal and vertical angles. They are often used by land surveyors for determining potential building dimensions and property boundaries when sighting vacant land. They are also used extensively in the construction and engineering industries to layout building foundations and walls, leveling of lots and

  • IR Thermometers for Body Temperature Screening
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    IR Thermometers for Body Temperature Screening

    With the current health atmosphere during the coronavirus pandemic, it is increasingly necessary for employers and public service businesses to screen employees, customers and vendors that enter their facilities to detect those that may have a fever and an elevated body temperature. Public areas such as schools, hospitals, hotels, airports and other places where large


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