What Was the Best Torque Wrench of 2016?

best torque wrench

The best choice for a torque wrench is the wrench that fits the requirements of the job. That being said, the answer “it depends” doesn’t help when you are looking for guidance before buying. Below is the list of the highest rated wrenches that were released in 2016.

Tekton 24335

The Tekton 24335 is the highest rated torque wrench of 2016. It’s made of steel, providing maximum durability. Steel wrenches are known for enabling maximum leverage to loosen stuck bolts. The wrench can produce torque from 10 – 150 in. lbs. The wrench produces an audible click when torque is reached.  The design of this wrench prevents damage from over-torquing.

The ratchet can be reversed for either direction. The torque setting enables metric or standard measurement. The scale is displayed in full contrast, allowing for easy readability of settings. The wrench has a full manual, a conversion chart, and a case. This wrench provides a +/- 4% accuracy.


The CDI 1502LDNI is a serious wrench. The dial is guarded by a metal ring for added protection, even when dropped – the dial still performs accurately. Reads both metric and standard.

This wrench has a memory needle that keeps the highest torque reading. Torque range is 0 -150 in. lbs. One of the only wrenches that works well in both directions. Setting goes back to zero when force is released, no need to set back. Comes with a fitted case. Accuracy for this wrench is +/- 4%. Highly recommended for quality.

ACDelco ARM601-4

They key feature that has technicians talking about the ACDelco ARM601-4 is flexibility. This is one of the top picks for working in tight spaces. The audible alarm makes this wrench a convenient option.

Four different measurements are available with the ACDelco. Bolts can be tightened to a specified torque when using the peak or trace mode. Torque is measured between 3 – 99 ft. lbs. This model also offers accuracy of +/- 2%. It does require the use of AAA batteries. To help save on energy, the wrench has an auto-shutoff after 60 seconds.


By no means is this an exhaustive list of great torque wrenches. The tools featured here were selected based on high ratings and recommendations. Keep in mind that the best torque wrench is the one that fits the job.

If you are unsure how to pick the best torque wrench for your needs, check out the Torque Wrench Guide