Benefits of Onsite Calibrations

As the name suggests, on-site calibration is performed on equipment at the site location instead of typically transferring it to the calibration station. On-site calibration is carried out on either too large to be shipped or fragile in construction equipment, which could be damaged during transportation. On-site calibration is also performed on operational-critical equipment that cannot be removed and disengaged from the site location for a few days to be transported to calibration.

e2b Calibration services offer certified, highly trained, and experienced field calibration experts on-site. Our team of experts will visit the site, inspect the equipment, perform the necessary calibration, adjustments, or repairs, as needed. Post calibration, the instrument/equipment will be tested against standard tools to obtain reliable results at various working conditions. After verification, a calibration certificate will be provided with all the necessary details.


When is On-Site Calibration is beneficial for Clients:


E2b’s On-site Calibration Solution:

Our team of experts will visit the site, inspect the equipment, perform necessary calibration, adjustments, or repair as needed. Post calibration, the instrument/equipment will be tested against standard tools to obtain reliable results at various working conditions. e2b Calibration Services’ post-calibration verification includes a full report with all necessary details furnished.

Our experts for on-site calibration include Certified field Engineers, Technical Managers, Calibration staff, and technicians with a minimum of 8 years of work experience and are available whenever and wherever for clients’ service.


Benefits to the Client:


  1. Reliability and quality of measurements is increased
  2. Shorter calibration time: It’s estimated that on-site calibration can be performed in as little as 60% of the time than would be required by traditional methods.
  3. Costs savings: There are no shipping costs or downtime, thus creating cost savings.
  4. Risk avoidance: There is no risk to the instrument/equipment during transportation and no need for a veil of protection from environmental conditions.
  5. Reduction in downtime: On-site calibration can allow you to receive your measurements within hours rather than weeks.
  6. On-Site Calibration offers convenience and flexibility.
  7. e2b’s seasoned experience and wide-reaching range to anywhere in the USA and its territories.
  8. No more surprises after testing. We work without a veil in front of our clients, so you can see failures (if any) with complete transparency in testing as we go.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):


  1. What is the level of expertise for calibrating on-site?

Answer: Our experts are ISO Certified and have several years of experience. They are trained to understand and handle all types of calibration equipment, instruments, and systems.

  1. Are your calibration services safe and reliable?

Answer: Yes. e2b is the industry leader in calibration services, safety, and dependability. Our experts satisfy the most rigorous safety standards with ISO accreditation.

  1. How much time does it take to calibrate a machine/equipment?

Answer: It depends on the complexity of the task and the troubleshooting required.  It might take anywhere between 30 minutes to several hours or man-days.

  1. Is there a guarantee of product quality after calibrating equipment using an on-site calibration service?

Answer:  Yes, e2b calibration services will re-test the equipment before returning it to make sure all its specifications are within tolerance.  This is done by running the equipment against standard tools.

  1. What type of equipment can be calibrated using an on-site calibration service?

Answer: In general, any piece of equipment may be calibrated on-site. However, please mention it to us to prepare our specialists in advance.

  1. Is there any warranty on calibrating equipment using an on-site calibration service?

Answer:  Yes, e2b calibration services include a warranty on equipment calibration based on the equipment condition.

  1. What is the turnaround time for e2b calibration to use on-site services?

Answer: The process usually takes 48 to 72 hours. We ask you to contact us so that our specialists may schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

  1. How much does it cost to calibrate a piece of equipment/machine for use in a hazardous zone?

Answer: Each type of equipment/machine has a typical calibration cost. A quick quotation can be obtained by contacting us directly.

  1. Can you perform calibration of equipment that is too large to be shipped for calibration?

Answer: Yes, e2b calibration services can calibrate equipment that cannot be transported.

  1. Where do you perform on-site calibration at our site?

Answer: In most onsite calibrations, the technicians do not have fixed locations; instead, they use rooms or other spaces supplied by the client for calibration.

  1. What makes your on-site calibration services superior to other companies in the market?

Answer: Our team is committed to producing quality results for each and every client. We’re dedicated to providing thorough, timely testing that’s both reliable and affordable.

  1. Can you do site inspections and give me a quote without sending an engineer for onsite inspection/calibration of machinery?

Answer: Yes. With a remote study, our specialists can understand your needs and offer you a price for the equipment that will be calibrated at your facility.

  1. How do I get this service?

Answer: Please feel free to contact us for a quick quotation or any further information.


e2b calibration’s primary goal is to ensure customer satisfaction by providing high quality, cost-effective and prompt calibration service.


e2b calibration solutions are designed to meet all your equipment test & measurement needs. Our team of experienced professionals is trained to provide the highest quality calibration services possible, backed by our ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO 9001:2008 certification and proven expertise. All calibration procedures are performed following national and international standards.


e2b calibration is the leading provider of on-site equipment calibration and repair services. We offer one-stop calibration solutions for all types of equipment and systems. Our specialty is offering ISO/IEC 17025 Certified calibration services for lab, medical and industrial equipment. We provide calibration services to various industries, including automotive, semiconductor, engineering, aerospace, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, food & beverage, power generation, and process industries. We are also ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994 certified. We have the NIST Traceable Wide scope of ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation. Contact e2b calibration for all your equipment calibration needs.



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