Aviation Books for Christmas 2016

aviation books fro christmas 2016

Holiday shopping can be rough, so we’ve rounded up the top books for aviators this year. Whether you are searching for a seasoned pilot, or an avgeek, these are sure to hit the marks. Read on for our top recommendations on aviation books.

Aviation Books

Yeager: An Autobiography

Charles “Chuck” Yeager is one of the most celebrated pilots of all time. In his autobiography, he talks about his start as an aviation mechanic, his flying in WWII, and breaking the sound barrier. Yeager’s wit and humor are apparent in many of the stories recorded. Buy it Here

Aircraft: The Definitive Visual History

Looking for more of a light read or coffee table book? Flip through the advancement of aircraft throughout the years in this book by the Smithsonian. Featured aircraft have interesting facts and close-up photos, to give the reader a better understanding of how each type worked. Buy it Here

The Wright Brothers

Written by David McCullough, a Pulitzer Prize winning author, this story chronicles innovation in flight. The aviation story mainly covers the period from 1900 to 1911. In addition to flight, the book delves into the early lives of the Wright Brothers. For anyone interested in aviation history, this book is a must read! Buy it Here