• Certified Calibration Technicians (CCT)

    Certified Calibration Technicians (CCT)

    Calibration technicians play a critical role in many quality and manufacturing environments. A calibration technician’s duties involve the calibration, adjustment, troubleshooting and repair of various types of mechanical, optical, dimensional and electronic measuring equipment and other process instrumentation. In manufacturing environments this equipment is used to measure temperatures, pressures, lengths, voltages, currents, frequencies, mass an

  • Reviewing Calibration Certificates

    Reviewing Calibration Certificates

    Calibration certificates for test and measuring equipment are important documents and contain valuable information about the calibration of the equipment and its measurement results. While most companies regularly have equipment calibrated by outside calibration laboratories, many of them do not properly review or use the information from the calibration certificates to their fullest benefit. The

  • Physical vs Simulated Calibration for Ovens

    Physical vs Simulated Calibration for Ovens

    Ovens are used to generate a wide range of temperature environments for many types of manufacturing businesses and industries. Ovens are often used for drying, curing, heat treating, sterilization and many other production processes. Many of those processes require a high degree of accuracy and tight control of the temperatures inside the oven or significant

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