Anytime Assets Software

Anytime Assets is a cloud-based asset management database solution that allows companies to track any of their assets online quickly and easily. It was designed by e2b Calibration and is provided free to all customers.

Although it was originally designed for the aviation industry, it can be used by businesses large or small that need a robust and reliable system to track their assets. The software can be accessed from any computer or mobile device and can be used in any location where there is a secure internet connection.

Anytime Assets is a fully customizable software that is powerful, accurate, easy to use and is available anytime, anywhere. The software allows users to track any type of asset, from tools, measuring instruments, manufacturing machines and office equipment to personnel and vehicles.


Anytime Assets Features

Anytime Assets provides a variety of features to help streamline the management and tracking of assets. A few of those features are:


How Does It Work?

First, the tooling or equipment is input into the system. For calibrated equipment sent to , a full asset record is created for each item. The record consists of all general identifying information such as manufacturer, model number, serial number, etc. and will also include specific information on the item such as customer asset numbers, location codes, operation manuals and other relevant documents, and photographs.

For non-calibrated equipment, asset records can be added, edited or updated by any user setup into the system to easily add attachments or other information.

technicians will keep each asset updated during the calibration process so that users can see the status of their equipment at any time. When the calibration service is completed, the calibration date is entered and the new due date is generated based on the calibration interval. The new calibration certificate and measurement data is attached to the asset record for easy viewing.

Once the asset is in the Anytime Asset system, the software will send notifications before the next due date and will provide the user with a means to schedule the calibration service and even generate shipping labels, to make the entire calibration process as simple as possible for the user.


Anytime Assets Uses

The features of Anytime Assets can be used in a variety of ways to fully manage an organization’s assets.
Organizations can easily manage all of their assets in one place. Documents such as service contracts, equipment manuals, certificates, and more can be attached to the asset record. Photographs can be used to quickly identify unique tooling and photos taken periodically during calibration or maintenance events will allow monitoring of the condition of the item over time or to document equipment damage.

Anytime Assets can be used as a tool crib database with check-in/check-out capabilities. Assets can be checked out to specific work or maintenance orders to identify which assets were used to perform maintenance to equipment, machines or aircraft. The checkout process can also identify the personnel that checked out the items and the locations where the items are used.

Anytime Assets alert functions can generate alerts when items that are checked out are not returned. This is vital for ensuring the control of FOD during maintenance activities. Calibration due alerts can ensure that items are not overdue for calibration to be in compliance with internal or industry audits.

Through scanning barcodes or with RFID asset tracking technology, the location of any item can be easily tracked, either within a facility or when shipped to another location. Anytime Assets will monitor the location of the RFID equipment and provide real-time status within the software.

For further information on the Anytime Assets software and how it can assist your organization, contact e2b Calibration.

Your entire tool control process can be automated.