Anytime Assets: How to Get Calibration Certificates Faster

e2b calibration get calibration certificates faster

As more companies move towards continuous improvement, quality has come to the forefront. Quality audits, internal and external, are commonplace. One of the key components of an audit is ensuring the calibration and equipment used. The calibration program ensures accuracy of measurement. To communicate this accuracy, a certificate of calibration is provided for each piece of equipment that meets accuracy standards. If validity is questioned during an audit, a quality manager or technician doesn’t have time to waste searching through file cabinets or contacting their calibration provider, they need the ability to get calibration certificates faster.

ISO 9001:2015 Audit

Usage of supplier checklists and report cards have increased in recent years. Having an ISO 9001:2015 certification is a necessity. The audit process can be stressful when a company doesn’t know what to expect. If a quality manager can anticipate the needs of the auditor, the experience will be much simpler.

Auditor Assessments:

The absolute best thing to do is ensure that you can easily access certificates of calibration for any piece of equipment. Anytime Assets stores calibration certificates for each item and requires no time to set-up. e2b technicians attach certificates of calibration to each tool record in Anytime Assets. To calibration certificate can be found through each tool record, asset ID, or part number.

In addition, request an agenda from the auditor prior to the assessment. The agenda will include what equipment and processes are planned for audit on each day. This information enables the quality or tooling manager to compile relevant information and documentation ahead of time.

In-house Quality Inspection

To prepare for an upcoming audit, quality personnel will make sure that all documentation is accurate and up to date. Gathering documentation falls to the quality team. This time-consuming process can be made easier when they have the ability to get calibration certificates faster. Having digital access allows for all quality personnel and department leaders to view and print calibration certificates easily.

Many quality systems require a database of documentation. Anytime Assets functions as a database that is created by e2b calibration. All certificates of calibration are created within the system when an item is calibrated, providing instantaneous up-to-date documentation.

Continuous improvement organizations may take monthly or weekly Gemba walks. During a Gemba walk, employees will look for possible safety hazards, disorganization, or quality issues. One such issue is finding calibrated items that are missing a dated calibration label. If an item’s calibration status is in question, employees can use a system that stores calibration certificates to verify that the item was calibrated and has not exceeded the calibration due date.

Anytime Assets is a cloud-based asset management software providing customers with access to certificates of calibration, asset photos and attachments, asset transactions traceable to aircraft tail numbers, RFID capabilities, automated alerts, and reports. For any questions about Anytime Assets calibration certificate processes or how it works contact e2b calibration or visit the Anytime Assets page.