Anytime Assets: Attachments for Asset Tracking

asset tracking

Managing multiple assets can be difficult. Many manufacturers and distribution organizations rely on asset tracking software to help.  The only problem is that many systems only allow people to track the asset location, but don’t provide any other information. While being able to find the physical location of an asset is helpful, people could benefit from seeing the asset maintenance record or accessing a manual. To address this problem, Anytime Assets allows users to upload attachments to any tool record.


Shop floors are full of specialized tools and equipment. A quality manager may not be familiar with items that are specific to an older machine or tailor made parts that are used for a single customer. When searching for an unfamiliar tool, photos make locating and identifying equipment an easier process. Photos can be attached to tool records before shipping to verify the condition of the instrument before arrival at the next location. Damage and repairs can also be documented by attaching photographs to the tool record.

Equipment Manuals

The majority of equipment comes with a manual. These guides are the first place that people look when they need to troubleshoot, find warranty information, or refer to recommended calibration intervals. Anytime Assets enables PDF or Word copies of equipment manuals to be attached to each tool record. This saves time from rifling through file cabinets or searching on the manufacturer website. To get access a manual, all that needs to happen is scanning, or entering, the asset number.

Maintenance Documentation

To keep operations running smoothly, equipment requires maintenance. When organizations have 100+ pieces of equipment, managing maintenance schedules can be difficult. Maintenance schedules can be attached to each asset to ensure that tooling works well for years to come. In addition, reminders can be set up to let everyone know when maintenance should be performed.

Repair Records

Internal maintenance and repair departments receive digital or written repair requests and typically create write-ups of sustained damage. Outside facilities may include a report of damage, instructions for scheduled inspection, and bill for repair costs. Regardless of where the document originated, it can all be attached to the tool record in Anytime Assets.

The attachment feature in Anytime Assets allows for a 360 degree view of each asset. Many other asset tracking software solutions do not have this capability. If you are interested or have questions about Anytime Assets, contact e2b calibration or visit the Anytime Assets page.