Airflow TA45 thermal anemometer calibration

Anemometers that are used in industrial or HVAC settings commonly used to determine ventilation and air flow. The Airflow TA45 thermal anemometer was designed for laboratory monitoring, HVAC, exhaust applications, and environmental controls. This anemometer houses three measurement devices in one instrument. To make sure that air velocity, temperature, and volume measurements are reliable, regular Airflow TA45 thermal anemometer calibration and maintenance are required.

How Does the Airflow TA45 Thermal Anemometer Work?

The Airflow TA45 is a hot-wire anemometer. The telescopic probe is the part of the instrument that captures measurement data. The reason that this is referred to as a hot-wire anemometer is due to the way that the instrument detects changes in air speed. Thin wire in the probe is electrically heated. As wind passes by, the hot-wire experiences a cooling effect. The measurement is calculated by the amount of power that is required to keep the wire temperature stable. Airspeed can be determined from this data. The instrument uses a calculation where the sum of all readings is divided by the number of readings performed to provide air velocity or volume flow rate. The speed is then shown on the digital display.

Accuracy & Range

As the Airflow TA45 is a hot-wire anemometer, it is considered to be extremely accurate. The air velocity and volume flow accuracy is the greater of ±3% of reading ±1 digit or ±0.06 m/s ±1 digit. The air velocity range is 0 to 30 meters per second (0 to 6,000 feet per minute). Volume flow range is 0 to 2,700 meter per second (0 to 999,999 feet per minute). The temperature range is 0 to 80°C (32° to 176°F).

Airflow TA45 Thermal Anemometer Calibration

The Airflow TA45 comes with a certificate of calibration upon initial purchase from the manufacturer. Ask for the most recent Airflow TA45 thermal anemometer calibration certificate when buying used. The manufacturer recommends anemometer calibration testing annually at a minimum. Calibration technicians can make minor repairs, if needed, during this process.

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